Margherita Missoni Amos unveils new children’s wear line

Margherita Maccapani Missoni Amos, granddaughter of the founding father of the Missoni fashion house, is set to unveil a new children’s wear today in Paris, during Paris Fashion Week. The launch of the new line, which is entirely separate from her family’s fashion house, comes a few weeks before the birth of her second child, due in May.

“The world of children is the one that interests me the most now, and I want to build a brand around my life and be able to decide [how to use] my time,” said Amos to WWD. The new collection has been crafted around a series of easy to wear pieces with fun and cheerful colours and fabrics, to please both parents and children alike. The children’s wear line was manufactured by Los-Angeles based firm Neige.

“I like it when children open up their wardrobe and pick what they want to wear. We, too, as kids were free to dress how we wanted, it helps to be creative, it gives a sense of open possibilities,” she added, claiming that the children’s wear market is becoming over saturated with overly classic or chic looks modelled after adult trends. “I’ve always had a strong attraction for children’s wear; I bought pieces and stored them away, even before I had Otto,” who is her first born child, now 18 months old.

“After Otto arrived, I realised I didn’t know anything about children’s clothes.” After realising that a lot of children’s wear on the market seemed to be made by “people who don’t have kids, with difficult sleeves, for example,” she decided to incorporate soft, easy to wear fabrics and materials in her new collection, which puts comfort for the wearer as one of its top priorities. The new line offers apparel for boys from infancy to two years old and girls from infancy to seven years old.

The 52-piece collection, which carries a daisy or Margherita in Italian as its logo, is set to range in price from 16 pounds for T-shirts, 25 pounds for tops and 35 pounds for dress. The range launches on globally, and Nordstorm stores in the US as well as via Amos plans on expanding the collection for autumn, adding more categories and aims to roll it out to selected specialty stores as well.


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