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Marimekko to release capsule utilising Spinnova fibre

By Rachel Douglass


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Image: Spinnova x Marimekko

Marimekko has revealed a capsule collection made in collaboration with sustainable textile company Spinnova.

The line will be the first commercial drop implementing Spinnova’s responsible fibre into printed products, bringing together the company’s technology with Marimekko’s printmaking.

The capsule, which drops August 29 in select markets, includes a denim-inspired utility overshirt, pair of trousers and a tote bag, all with Marimekko’s signature Unikko (popp) print, made by Maija Isola in 1964.

Its denim-like blend consists of around 20 percent Spinnova fibre, while the rest of the blend is approximately 70 percent organic cotton, the duo said in a release.

The fibre is made of certified wood sourced from responsibly managed forests and is said to be fully recyclable.

It builds on the two companies’ already established relationship, which spans back to 2017 when Marimekko and Spinnova began testing and commercialising new textiles.

The brands have previously dropped two prototype outfits alongside an announcement that they hope to introduce commercially viable products by 2022.

“The key to the success of this collaboration has been the truly close working relationship between both brands,” said Suvi-Elina Enqvist, head of innovation works at Marimekko.

Enqvist continued: “The new capsule is one step towards our goals. Marimekko’s design philosophy is based on creating timeless design that brings joy for generations to come. It was a natural choice to partner with Spinnova thanks to its sustainability potential, and partnerships with the likes of Spinnova play a vital role in achieving our ambitious sustainability goals as a company.”

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