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Marks & Spencer launches first own-brand skincare range in seven years

By Danielle Wightman-Stone


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Image: M&S; Fresh Elements

Retailer Marks & Spencer has launched a new own-brand skincare line Fresh Elements, featuring affordable products “charged with science-led ingredients,” its first in seven years.

Fresh Elements has been developed in-house by M&S’ team of expert technologists “to help boost skin confidence without the fuss, cutting down on complicated regimes and focusing on efficacious, science-backed skincare that makes your skin feel good”.

Commenting on the beauty launch, Tara Singleton, head of beauty at M&S, said in a statement: “We’re so excited to introduce Fresh Elements, the first new own-brand skincare brand that we’ve launched in 7 years. After noticing that customer feedback and frequent search terms highlighted the demand for hydration, glow and blemish-tackling solutions, we set out to build a simple, effective and affordable range of products developed to target those specific needs.

“In development by the team for more than three years, this smart skincare range is the latest exciting addition to M&S Beauty – the reviews from the testing panel have been phenomenal, and so we can’t wait to hear what our customers think.”

Image: M&S; Fresh Elements, Glow

The beauty line offers three sub-ranges, Glow, Clarify and Hydrate, which M&S adds are all powered by carefully chosen active ingredients handpicked for their proven skincare benefits. Each range has been developed to use in four simple and easy-to-follow steps, with cleansers, toners, treatments and moisturisers.

The Glow range is powered by vitamin C to help brighten skin and leave it looking visibly perfected. Products include a Dream Gleam Illuminating Cleanser, Sunshine Tonic Glycolic Toner, Ex-Glowliate Purifying Exfoliating Treatment, Dream On Radiant Overnight Serum, Light It Up Protecting Day Cream SPF25, Twinkle All Day Brightening Eye Gel and Night Night Brightening Night Cream.

Image: M&S; Fresh Elements, Hydrate

The Clarify line of products features AHA Mandelic Acic as the hero ingredient to help refine skin, tackle blemishes and leave skin looking clearer. Products include a Jelly Fresh Skin Perfecting Jelly Cleanser, No Pore Problems AHA Pore-Minimising Toner, No Biggie Deep-Cleansing Clay Mask, What Blemish? Blemish Control Gel, Clear Out Refining Overnight Serum and Need A Refresh? Oil-Free Moisturiser SPF30.

While the Hydrate line has been infused with hyaluronic acid to give an instant moisture boost, leaving skin feeling softer and smoother. Products include a Feeling Pristine Soothing Micellar Water, Yes You Dew! Refreshing Overnight Mask, High Life Hydrating Daily Serum, Non-Stop Dew Drops Ultra-Lightweight Facial Oil, Refresher Daily Moisture Cream SPF30 and Soak Star Overnight Moisture Cream.

The Fresh Elements skincare range will be available in M&S stores and online. Prices range from 6 to 15 pounds.

Image: M&S; Fresh Elements, Clarify
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