Maryam Nassir Zadeh’s New York Fashion Week runway show displayed little rhyme or reason. With a runway set over two levels joined by an escalator, models showcased an eclectic pastiche of trends and risks, swimwear and coats, and work and play. Though somewhat erratic, New York-based designer’s SS19 did not disappoint when it came to intricate designs and a well-crafted approach to womenswear.

Stark contrasts

From bike shorts juxtaposed with blazers and swimwear paired trench coats, Zadeh’s collection was filled with contrasts. Swimwear was paired oddly in a few ways, mainly with heels and elevated handbags for a work-to-play feeling. One look displayed the reverse, a blazer and trouser suiting combination worn with flat beach sandals. Even down to the fluid use of complementing colors yellow and purple, the contrasting elements throughout the looks kept visuals intriguing.

Looking to trends

Zadeh featured an array of popular trends throughout her SS19 collection; in patterns we saw a single plaid look as well as a zebra print shown throughout the collection, particularly in swimwear. A pink pastel hue as well as translucence in top layered piece were also quite prominent, as was the biker short style, mainly paired with blazers.

Bringing forth new accessories

As consumers have become increasingly interested in unconventional accessories such as bum bags, the time seemed right for Zadeh to introduce a few obscure pieces. On such piece was a wrist pouch, held onto the wearer by a lace that went up the arm. Zadeh also displayed belts used only for style rather than functionality, some with buckles yet not looped into another item, and others similar to necklaces, yet worn around the waist or hips.


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