At the launch of 'Culture in 21st Century London' at the ICA in London, Mayor Ken Livingstone presented his Cultural Manifesto. As part of his Arts and Creative Manifesto launched on 21st April, the Mayor gave his backing to a permanent venue for London Fashion Week.

He said: "London is a world centre for fashion. Great designers such as Vivienne Westwood, Alexander McQueen and John Galliano use London as a place of inspiration, to experiment and to launch new ideas. The Mayor pointed out how important it is to nurture new talent of the future and rebuild the international position of London Fashion Week.

The Mayor also pledged to improve conditions for models in the fashion industry as well as wide-ranging commitments to culture and leisure facilities. Through ensuring that the recommendations of the Model Health Inquiry are implemented, The Mayor stressed the importance of the working conditions in the industry, particularly for models.


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