The power of a good gown is often underestimated, but designer Michael Costello realizes how great a good gown, weather a wedding dress or evening wear, can be. This New York Fashion Week, Costello presented us with both bridal and couture.

Although it is unusual for a designer to show both bridal and couture at the same time, Costello managed to keep everything cohesive by doing full-length gowns that were a true testament to his craftsmanship.

The designer's theme for this season was The Secret Garden, and Costello went to fairytale style, whimsical feats to create floor length gowns with details like beading, sequins, lace and tulle. For the couture pieces, the color palette was heavy on pink, with a few hints of blue here and there. The designer's Disney princess approach to dressing resulted in one of his best collections to date.

His craftsmanship shined through with pieces like a gown with a tulle shoulder and embellished bodice. Using models of all sizes, Costello also showed that he can create silhouettes that flatter women of all body types. He isn't afraid of the curvy girls, and he can actually dress them, which many luxury designers can't say.

Costello's ability to create a full range of wedding dresses along with couture pieces, and have everything fit so well together cohesively is the greatest testament to his skills as a designer. To create such a wide range of looks with such artistry is a skill only seen by the greatest of luxury designers. He's certainly moving towards being a history maker.