Millican launches ‘Re-Home Your Bag’ project

Sustainable accessories brand Millican is looking to re-home old, unwanted bags as part of a new initiative to support social projects and communities locally and globally.

The Keswick-based brand is asking the public to send their unwanted bags, from backpacks to messenger bags, to them, where they will fix and repair them before sending them on to people who need them, while also supporting charities including The Calvert Trust, Action for Conservation and the Bristol Bike Project.

Millican co-founder Jorrit Jorritsma, said in a statement: “Everyone seems to have an old, well-used rucksack or travel bag languishing in their garage or loft. Still very practical, you just can’t seem to let go of them. The ‘Re-Home’ project allows you to pass your old travel companion on to someone who really needs it, to start a new adventure.

“As well as giving back to the community, we’re always considering different ways of increasing a product’s life-span and how we can take responsibility for its afterlife. The Re-Home Your Bag project is an important part of this ongoing process of learning, sharing and innovating for a better future.”

In return for sending your bag off to Millican, the sustainable accessories brand will send customers a 5 percent discount.

In addition, Millican promises to keep the customer updated on the journey of their bag to one of the social projects so they can see the bags “journey full circle”.

Image: courtesy of Millican


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