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Moncler Genius x Craig Green

By Danielle Wightman-Stone


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British designer Craig Green’s ongoing collaboration with Moncler continues with the launch of his latest capsule collection as part of the luxury label’s Moncler Genius ‘One House, Different Voices’ project, which has already released collaborations with Simone Roche, Richard Quinn and Pierpaolo Piccioli.

For collection number 5 of the Moncler Genius project, Craig Green was challenged to create a three-dimensional design, and the menswear designer has remixed Moncler’s iconic puffer jacket into a piece of wearable, functional art, which can be bought in modules that can be folded, flattened and packed.

Inspired by the properties of down filling, and how a relatively small quantity of the material has the ability to fill a much larger space, Green has created featherweight outerwear that still maintains its protective qualities. All the garments, zip-up jackets with padded hoods, parkas and base layers, can be separated and condensed into small cubes.

The collection rooted in the functionality of workwear and uniform has details including special zippers that extract air as they are being closed and components are chosen in their lightest possible material to “enhance the function of each garment”.

Moncler explains: “A new structure in making down panels has been developed by Green in order to fulfil the packability challenge, with a 2.5cm gap added in-between every single pillow, acting as a hinge so that the item can be folded and volume condensed.”

The dialogue between clothing, body and form is central for Green, who has won three British Menswear Designer awards, as well as the exploration of protection and performance, and seeing all the modules down-filled pillow-like pieced together as one they really do conjure up images of rocket ships and lifeboats.

Commenting on his ongoing collaboration with Moncler, Craig Green said on the brand’s website: “It’s exciting to be part of the 3rd edition of the Moncler Genius project and to continue our partnership, building on what we have already created together and pushing these ideas further.

“Moncler have a strong heritage but still embrace change. They encourage an experimental approach and are not afraid of taking risks, which makes them a great collaborative partner and what I believe is unique about the Genius project.”

Images: courtesy of Moncler

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