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Moncler launches a bio-based and carbon neutral down jacket

By Huw Hughes


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Moncler has unveiled a new carbon-neutral down jacket made with plant-based fabrics and accessories.

The jacket, which is selling for 1,300 euros, is made with fabric, lining, buttons and zips derived from castor beans from the castor plant. The plant requires extremely small amounts of water to grow and is cultivated in arid regions not intended for agriculture thus not affecting food supply.

The carbon emissions generated throughout the life cycle of the down jacket are offset through REDD+ certified projects focused on preserving the Amazon rainforest, according to Moncler.

The brand said in a statement: “The search for low-impact materials and technologies is part of the company’s commitment to the continued integration of sustainability into its business model. Moncler is aware that sustainability is not a final destination, but an ongoing improvement process driven by the constant search for new solutions to shape the future.”

Photo credit: Moncler

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