N. Hoolywood's designer Daisuke Obana needed a moment of redemption after his last show. His fall/winter collection, which was inspired by the homeless, was met with heavy criticism from the press. Suffice to say, for spring/summer 2018 he passed his redemption taste.

While it was a spring summer collection, the biggest highlights happened to be the outerwear. So, yes, you might be thinking to yourself, who does outerwear for a summer collection? But when a designer has something they can do well, let them have at it.

Obana's varsity bombers, floor length jackets, blazers and outerwear spoke to his expert tailoring and ability to play with silhouettes as well. While some blazers had the more traditional tailored fit, varsity jackets were slouchier and more relaxed.

There were some plays on proportion as he showed you he could design cuts on the straight and narrow or go for volume.

The color palette was very calm, mainly featuring shades of grey and beige, along with a few hints of color like yellow and light blue.

It also showed us the variety of things that can be done with streetwear, from going for the suit shorts look to pairing a varsity jackets with trousers that could be for the office or everyday.

Obana made sure not to miss a beat with every customer he could get his hands on, from the guy who wants to look quintessentially GQ to the one wearing an oversized sweater in spring paired with shorts. The lesson to be learned from this show: you can go after every customer.


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