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Net-A-Porter to launch social network

By Danielle Wightman-Stone


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Premium online retailer Net-a-Porter is set to launch its own social network, The Net Set, for its consumers to shop and socialise over their purchases.

The Net Set app, taking its name from the exclusive ‘Jet Set’, will initially launch on an invite-only basis on May 13 for iPhone, iPad and the Apple Watch users, with a later Android app launch planned. The app will blend social media with shopping with a live feed of the luxury fashion items and content that is trending across the globe.

Users will also be able to upload and share items and images that define their style, as well as create personal ‘love’ lists. Each user can also interact with like-minded fashion fans by joining a ‘Style Tribe’ such as ‘Rock Chic’, ‘Black is the New Black’, ‘Double Denim’, ‘Monochrome’, and ‘The Bohemians’.

In addition, every brand that is sold on Net-A-Porter will have its own 'portal', allowing them to interact and engage in one-on-one dialogue with the site's customers.

Another main feature of the app is ‘The Style Council’. An invitation-only group of style experts and icons that will be on hand to inspire and engage with users in real time, as though they were shopping together.

"We are incredibly excited to launch the world's first luxury shoppable mobile social network where fashionable digital women all over the world can connect and enjoy a unique and seamless shopping experiencing across all devices,” explains Natalie Massenet, founder and executive chairman of the luxury e-tailer. "The rise of social media and style blogs has shown that women around the world are inspired by each other's style and their closets."

Net-a-porter launching luxury new shopping app 'The Net Set'

The app sits as an extension of the e-commerce platform, as it will be fully shoppable as it features built-in visual recognition technology. So when users upload a photo that defines their style the app will showcase ‘style matches’ from clothes and accessories to beauty products that are exact or similar to the ones shown in the chosen image.

The Net Set will also provide global overnight delivery of over 350 fashion collections to 170 countries, plus same-day delivery in London, Manhattan and Hong Kong.

Massenet added: "The Net Set is to mobile in 2015 what net-a-porter.com was to desktop in 2000."

Image: Net-a-Porter.com

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