London-based singer Stacey Jackson is launching her first active range, Staefit, a hypoallergenic ultra-absorbent, patent-pending womenswear collection, created to provide a solution for skin irritations from sportswear.

The collection, created by Jackson to solve what the singer calls ‘brash’, a persistent breast rash, features a sports top with built-in support bra that has been designed to wick away moisture with its absorbent silver anti-bacterial fabric and no-odour technology.

Jackson has worked with sports fabric technologists and designers to create this patent-pending design solution and the top works alongside matching capri and long workout leggings made from the same absorbent fabric with compression panelling.

Set to launch in September, the collection will be available in black as well as selection of vibrant colour pops, to reflect the Canadian singers style.

In conjunction with the launch, Jackson will launch a free download of the first volume of her workout, StaePumped.


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