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New image, new store, Desigual is reinventing itself

By Anne-Sophie Castro



Barcelona - A few days ago, Desigual presented its new brand image and new visual identity at its headquarters in Barcelona. The Spanish company unveiled its new spring-summer 2020 collection on Barceloneta beach during a show filled with special effects, music, and lights. The launch of this new brand identity is part of the transformation plan that Desigual launched in 2015: "We are building a new Desigual and we are doing so thanks to the efforts of each member of this fabulous team," says Guillem Gallego, Desigual's Marketing Director.

The new identity includes a new logo with the brand name "Desigual" written in reverse (a mirrored image), almost incomprehensible when looked at normally but making perfect sense in selfie mode.

In its advertising campaign "Forward is Boring" Desigual presented its new identity, particularly on social networks in order to reach new audiences. This step is the result of a process that has also led to the redefinition of the Desigual product, which is evolving towards more urban and versatile clothing with new models that also incorporate 11 percent ecological fabrics.

Objective: to seduce a younger audience

Together with the launch of its new brand identity, Desigual also meets its objective of reconnecting with consumers and reaching a younger audience, aware of new consumer trends and current requirements. Guillem Gallego is at the core of this change project. "We want to broaden our audience and integrate new generations. This implies better knowledge of their needs and a different purchasing experience, regardless of the channel and location."

New concept store

The implementation process, which will be consolidated throughout 2020, begins with the change of the logo on all brand communication platforms and the redesign of its website. It will also be applied to corners and stores of Desigual. A new concept store will open its first unit in Barcelona this month, offering a new shopping experience based on a customer journey within the store. A place, in short, closer to a showroom than a traditional retail store.

Photos: Courtesy of Desigual

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