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New kid’s accessories brand Flitzy launches

By Danielle Wightman-Stone

3 Nov 2021


Newly launched Flitzy is targeting “mini trendsetters” with its collection of grown-up fashion, hair and jewellery accessories for kids aged over 3 years old.

Flitzy has been designed to celebrate uniqueness and empower self-worth, and places the happiness and wellbeing of children at the heart of its brand with its six core values - unique, love, share, create, kind and accept.

The accessories brand has three “Flitzer” categories: ‘fun’ for those trendsetters who love to wear bright colours; ‘fashion’ for those who love to create their own style and look for unique pieces; and ‘fancy’ for girls who love products that sparkle and want to treasure all of their favourite accessories.

For hair, there are ombre hair scrunchies, alice bands, clips and fake multi-coloured hair, while the jewellery collection offers necklaces with flower, butterfly and heart charms, as well as earrings, bracelets and stacking rings.

Flitzy also offers ‘Believe Beads’ that include positive words such as kindness, courage and bravery and positive affirmations like ‘I believe in myself, I believe in my friends’.

The brand also has subscription boxes, which features “fun and glitzy treats” from seasonal jewellery and accessories to games and experiences, worth over 50 pounds. The subscription boxes drop four times a year.

To launch the brand, Flitzy has teamed up with YouTube star 'Like Nastya', who has created a range of unique jewellery and accessories inspired by her style and her own subscription box.

Image: courtesy of Flitzy