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Nigel Curtiss announces expansion into ready-to-wear

By Rosalie Wessel


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Image: Nigel Curtiss

Designer Nigel Curtiss is expanding into ready-to-wear alongside Monica Mitro.

Mitro, who was the former executive vice president of brand communications and events at Victoria’s Secret and is also married to Curtiss, will lead the company in brand creative, ecommerce, marketing and communications.

The label will cover tailored pieces, custom suits, white shirts, luxury loungewear, cashmere sweaters, tracksuits, silk and cotton pajamas, boxer shorts, and denim and leather accessories.

“People want clothes that feel as if they were made just for them - from fit to the fabric and the style. Whether you’re buying ready-to-wear or tailoring for a special occasion, choosing clothes should feel like a personal conversation between the customer and the brand, and that’s what we are excited to deliver with Nigel Curtiss,” said Mitro about the purpose of the launch.

With fabrics sourced from family-run and owned factories, the brand is committing to an on-demand sustainable business model which aims to cut out waste and allow customers to alter their pieces to better suit them.

“I want to make small quantities of the very best clothes. I want everything that is made to be worn and loved and kept and passed onto the next generation. This is not fast fashion; it’s arduous, passionate and beloved fashion,” said Curtiss.

Curtiss’ daughter, model Aiden Curtiss, will act as the face of the campaign alongside boyfriend Felix Prabitz. The campaign was shot by a family of photographers - Sante D’Orazio, his partner Enga Purevjav and son Nick D’Orazio.

The first Nigel Curtiss flagship store will open in Manhattan, featuring a full collection of ready-to-wear for women and men. The store will also contain a custom atelier experience, alongside a coffee bar and lounge.

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