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Nike Re-Creation collections to launch in London and Paris

By Cenia Zitter


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Image: Nike Re-Creation Collection. Credit: Nike.

Nike announced the launches of new upcycled collections in the frame of its Re-Creation program for London and Paris this summer.

For Re-Creation, discarded clothes are collected and re-created into a wearable condition, and then further redistributed, all on a local scale, combining creativity, innovation and the outlook onto a circular business model.

With solutions like this, the brand aims to “serve the future of athletes”, which can concern anyone with a body, according to Nike’s press release.

It further explained how local collection, manufacture, and distribution have the ability to contribute to a reduction in carbon emissions. Even though there isn’t one grand solution to fight climate change, Nike uses its Re-Creation program to implement circular design principles “as a creative accelerant”.

The program is a follow-up of the Nike Grind, Nike Refurbished and Nike Recycling & Donation initiatives, all part of the brand’s circular ambitions.

The first introduction of the program took place in Los Angeles last spring, with two more phases following.

At the end of April, the next Re-Creation project will launch in NikeTown London with a one-of-one capsule collection of 25 pieces, and a wider one following after. The collection was created in collaboration with London-based design project Greater Goods.

Paris’ collection will be launched later this summer, designed by Parisian designer Sarah Moh.

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