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Nike tops list of highest performing sneaker brands at resale

By Jackie Mallon


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Sneakers dominate the resale market, that much we know, but which styles and brands are the stars, yielding the biggest return on the original investment? A new study by Money.co.uk, a London-based price comparison site, which collected data from the Stock X website and used the average change in price premium to determine how certain products and specific colors perform, reveals the answers.

Just do it. If you are investing in sneakers, Nike is the all-round number one brand which will bag the most profit at resale. In particular its sub-brand Jordan comes out on top of the sneaker resale list. Originally designed for basketball legend Michael Jordan, the Air Jordan is currently a slam dunk for those investment shoppers, provided the shoes are unworn and in their original condition. 

The average price premium for Jordans is 376.2 percent, however, some original sneakers can sell for much more. One example includes the Jordan 1 OG Chicago launched in 1985, with an original price of 47 dollars, last sold for an attractive 14,587 dollars which amounts to a massive 30669 percent increase in investment.

Nike sneakers best investment for resale

Nike’s own sneakers take second place with an average price premium of 305 percent. The Oregon-based athletic apparel and footwear manufacturer founded in 1964 produces one of the best sneaker brands to buy as investment but the study also found that some of the limited-edition sneakers can sell for prices way above their average price premium. The Nike Dunk High Pro SB Supreme Blue Stars, with an original retail value of 55 dollars, have been sold for 7,294 dollars. That’s a 13233 percent return on investment. 

Vans take the third spot with a 221.8 percent average price premium, but the study also makes evident that brand collaborations are big money makers. When Vans collaborated with Fear of God to create the Vans Era 95 DX Fear of God White Black trainer which originally retailed at 65 dollars they created an item that currently earns a 1339 percent increase on investment, selling for 945 dollars. ASICS come in at number 4 doubling in price while Yeezy sneakers are fifth with a 170.6 percent increase. New Balance, Converse, Reebok, Adidas and Puma round out the top ten.

Black sneakers perform best at resale

The color of your sneaker also figures into its resale and investment value. The Money.co.uk study found that black sneakers offer the highest return on investments at 614.8 percent, whereas pink sneakers only offer a 100.20 percent in comparison. White sneakers come in as the second most desirable color with a return of 558 percent, whilst red shoes take third place with a 503 percent return on investment. Grey and blue shoes round out the top five highest performing sneaker color at resale.