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Nike wins in court to stop sales of Lil Nas X "Satan Shoe"

By Don-Alvin Adegeest

2 Apr 2021


A US judge has sided with Nike to halt the distribution of Lil Nas X and MSCHF’s ‘Satan Shoes’ after the sportswear giant filed a claim to say it infringed its trademarks.

On Thursday federal judge Eric Komitee said the customised red and black shoes, which contain a biblical passage referring to Satan’s falling from heaven, infringed Nike’s trademarks and should be taken off the market, at least for now.

666 pairs of customised Air Max 97 trainers were sold via a drop on MSCHF’s website, costing 1,018 dollars per pair. The drop of the shoes were aligned with the release of Lil Nas X’s track Montero, Call Me By Your Name. The artist himself is not a defendant in the case, of which MSCHF lawyers told Reuters: the shoes are “not typical sneakers, but rather individually-numbered works of art.”

Image: “Satan Sneaker”; article source: Reuters, Hollywood Reporter

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