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Nikolaj Storm launches circular collection with Zalando

By Danielle Wightman-Stone


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Image: Zalando; Nikolaj Storm capsule collection

Danish designer Nikolaj Storm, who won the Zalando Sustainability Award spring/summer 2022, has launched a circular design capsule collection with Zalando.

The 13-piece genderless collection, available exclusively on Zalando, is inspired by fluorescent colours and the sound of electro and techno beats, as well as the cracking sound of nylon, and uses only synthetic fibres, including recycled polyester and Lycra T400, an inherently elastic type of polyester fibres.

Commenting on opting for synthetic fibres for the capsule, Storm said in a statement: “The use of synthetics fibres enables durability in the garments made, allowing for repeated recycling without the product diminishing in quality. The fibres also allow for bolder colours and better retention, with clothing not losing its shape, a reason why it is used in sportswear.”

The collection has been designed by Storm according to Circular.Fashion’s circular design criteria built on three strategies: to ensure products are made with safe and recycled and/or renewable inputs; products are made to last longer, be repaired and potentially also carry digital product passports, allowing for flow through circular business models; and products are made to be made again, so they can be recycled or regenerated into new materials when they reach end of life.

All items in the Nikolaj Storm capsule collection follow “at least the minimum level of the criteria,” explains Zalando. Highlights include adding in wider seams to enable easy alteration, zips to allow products to transcend seasons by switching from trousers to shorts, and care and repair QR codes on every style to enable consumers to understand how they can extend the product life cycle.

Nikolaj Storm x Zalando

In addition, the capsule is also accompanied by an Evaluation Report by sustainability consultancy Anthesis providing transparency across the four stages of the product life cycle, identifying both physical and emotional durability as well as challenges impacting how long clothing is worn and kept today before being discarded.

Storm, added: “This was such an empowering journey for me as a designer – to be able to create something that tries to push the industry boundaries but also stays true and honest about the process, highlighting how much it takes for a product to be circular.

“I wanted to create a collection that told the story and development of the process, showing that we are not fully there yet but striving to be the absolute best version that we can be at this current moment.” Laura Coppen, head of circularity at Zalando, added: “With Nikolaj Storm, we found a fertile collaboration ground: building on his great knowledge and design skills, we raised the bar by challenging and upskilling him on circular design.

“Nikolaj showcased expertise, an open mind, curiosity and flexibility to explore circular design despite the multiple obstacles and ambiguity that inevitably comes in unexplored and innovative spaces. We are thankful for this collaboration, and are excited to showcase his strong designs, together with insights and learnings on the road blocks we encountered and how we tackled them together."

Nikolaj Storm
Zalando Sustainability Award