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NYFW Day 6 Highlights: Rodarte, Burch and Alice and Olivia



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With so many shows taking place, keep tracking of who has shown what can be tricky. Here are some highlights from New York Fashion Week Day six

Spain, bees and Janis Joplin

Rodarte, the California-based label run by the Mulleavy sisters found inspiration from 1973 Spanish movie "The Spirit of the Beehive" about fantasy childhood in the time of Franco, and Janis Joplin. The Spanish influence was clear in ruffled shoulders and skirts, and a flash of stomach conjuring up the flamenco spirit.

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It was a more wearable and focused collection than last season, and included a masterful black dress in gold sequins with sails for sleeves crafted to look like a bee. The sisters also branched out into leather, showcasing biker jackets in white and in black with pants, both tasseled and metallic inlay.

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Coast to Coast

Tory Burch presented a colorful, wearable collection for her global affordable luxury brand -- a witty interpretation of East Coast hostess chic and the free-spirit beach towns of the West. She summed it up as "quintessential American style."

Burch, who created a fitness tracker with Fitbit, said she was excited about further developments between fashion and technology having just appointed a chief technology officer.

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She also signalled that the brand was likely to shift more towards see-now, buy-now in the wake of others such as Tommy Hilfiger and Tom Ford. "It's a pretty herculean shift so I want to take it slowly," she told AFP. "Our collections are pretty seasonless anyway... eventually I think it makes a lot of sense to go there."

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Burch was one of a select group of designers who attended a Fashion Week fundraiser on behalf of presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. "I just admire her and the work she's done," Burch told AFP. "I think her support of women and her just general understanding of foreign affairs is something our country could be proud of."

Mystical Rome

Alice and Olivia designer Stacey Bendet transported her fans into a mystical world inspired by the Bomarzo gardens in Rome, 18th century tarot cards and the sun.

Models stood, sat or reclined on a lavish park set complete with fake moss, statues and bird cages dressed in striking reds, retro white jumpsuits and oversized sunglasses. (AFP)

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