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Oliver Bonas to launch catalogue

By Danielle Wightman-Stone

16 Mar 2016


Fashion and lifestyle retailer Oliver Bonas is aiming to drive brand awareness and e-commerce sales with the launch of a catalogue in May.

The retailer, which currently only sees 10 percent of its total sales coming through its e-commerce, is hoping that a catalogue would help drive traffic to its newly redesigned website.

The plan is to release two catalogues this year, one for summer and the second at Christmas, to push its seasonal pieces.

“We may do more if it works well,” said Oliver Bonas founder and chief executive Olly Tress. “We’re fairly well set up for it. It is a lot of work but the system is there.”

Catalogues may be viewed as a thing of past, Oliver Bonas last produced one in the 1990s, but Tress believes that the format is still relevant and can help drive sales: “Catalogues have evolved in terms of their content – they’re more brand-led and aspirational than a list of products, colours, codes and prices – it’s more to inspire you to go to the website.”

Alongside pushing its e-commerce, Oliver Bonas also revealed plans to open around 10 stores in the UK this year, bringing its retail portfolio up to 51. In addition, it will also launch its first international websites this year, but it has yet to confirm in which markets.

Image: Oliver Bonas

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