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Omorpho partners with Equinox in the US

By Danielle Wightman-Stone

23 May 2022


Image: Omorpho
Gravity sportswear brand Omorpho launched by former Nike executive Stefan Olander is partnering with luxury fitness club Equinox to offer its collections in its clubs across the US.

As part of the partnership, Omorpho’s gravity sportswear will be available from within Equinox’s clubs spanning New York to Los Angeles and online. The premium fitness brand’s G-Vest will also be worn by Equinox trainers and be available for club members to trial during group fitness classes to help them get more from every workout.

Omorpho uses MicroLoad in its gravity sportswear to amplify the effect of any workout by strategically placing small amounts of weight across the body to make the wearer fitter, faster and stronger by adding resistance without limiting natural movement.

Stefan Olander, co-founder of Omorpho, said in a statement: “We’re thrilled to partner with Equinox to let more people experience the benefits of our MicroLoad science. Gravity Sportswear challenges everything about traditional activewear, and we’re so excited to give Equinox members an edge and help boost every workout.”

The Omorpho gravity sportswear collection was developed following more than three years of rigorous testing, athletic research and a meticulous product creation process. By placing weight on the parts of the body that are moving, gravity sportswear increases the challenge to the active muscles. The brand adds that studies have shown that by applying MicroLoad to training it may improve power by up to 8 percent, increase vertical jump up to 9 percent and boost speed by up to 3 percent.

Annie Walters, vice president of retail at Equinox, added: “Equinox strives to offer our members the best and most innovative products to help them on their fitness journeys and our latest partnership with Omorpho will do exactly that.

“Omorpho’s Gravity Sportswear collection will not only appear in our online and club shops, but by way of this partnership will soon be incorporated in group fitness classes to allow everyone to experience the benefits of their unique micro-weighted apparel."