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Orchard Moon launches

By Kristopher Fraser

31 May 2021


Image: Orchard Moon

Orchard Moon, a new sustainable luxury nightwear label, has officially launched. The brand’s first collection is inspired by flower gardens, summer, and daydreams. It comes in a color palette of blues to echo water and sky, leafy greens, and florals in pinks, oranges, yellows, peach, and lilac.

The fabric for each set is a medium-weight silky cellulose-based material, using Tencel and lyocell filament, two very sustainable fabrics, produced with the cellulose found in trees. Trees are an excellent resource to make fabric with because they already grow in suitable environments, they do not require intensive farming methods or any extra water, other than natural rainwater. Sustainability is considered for every element, from buttons that are made of corozo nut, to natural rubber elastic, and brandlabels made from woven cotton. The brand also ensures their products are carbon positive by supporting sustainable reforestation projects worldwide.

The debut Orchard Moon collection is at a price point between 22 pounds and 280 pounds. The global sleepwear market is project to grow to 19.5 billion dollars between 2020 and 2024, making this a sensible time for Orchard Moon to launch.