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Pangaia launches denim line

By Rosalie Wessel

20 Oct 2021


Image: Pangaia Facebook

Pangaia has launched a sustainably made denim line.

The brand has developed a sustainable fabric for its denim, Pannettle, in order to reduce its dependency on cotton. Pannettle is created from Himalayan nettle, a naturally regenerative source that grows back every year and up to 3 meters in height.

The capsule includes denim jackets as well as jeans, with popular cuts like high rise and straight leg jeans. As a materials science company, the brand has committed to using its innovation to solve environmental problems within the fashion industry. It has pledged that its “long-term goal is for our business to be Earth Positive, where we give back more than we take from the planet.”

Pangaia’s sustainable denim limits the amount of water and dye used. It also uses Left Hand Selvedge Denim, a kind of fabric which is spun in reverse on a loom, something which takes three times longer than an average textile weaving machine.

The Pannettle denim line is also treated with Pprmint, a sustainable oil used for anti-odour treatments. The oil treatment aims to reduce the need to wash the product, as the average household reportedly uses 100,000 gallons of water per year - which in turn has created a culture of over-washing clothes.

Additionally, a report by The Swedish Water & Wastewater Association claims that antibacterial treatments using silver pose a threat to seas and lakes as a pollutant. The Pprmint oil comes from the Mentha piperita plant, and is extracted without using solvents or chemicals, thus reducing the negative impact the process has on the environment.