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Pangaia launches hemp denim collection in partnership with Unspun

By Rachel Douglass


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Image: Pangaia Facebook

For its second denim release, Pangaia has introduced the new material Panhemp to its line of eco-friendly jeans and jackets.

Made using rain-fed hemp and organic cotton, the plant-based fabric is available in four genderless styles via the brand’s website. Pieces included in the collection were designed using the natural indigo dye from an Indigofera plant, with the production executed in collaboration with the sustainably conscious denim mill Orta, based in Turkey.

Within the collection are two jeans styles, a straight-leg and wide leg, as well as two denim jackets, one cropped and a shearling model lined with recycled wool and Tencel.

Additionally, Panhemp will be available on the made-to-order denim platform Unspun. Launching today, the artificial intelligence app utilises 3D body scan technology to create custom-fit jeans. Through an iPhone scan, shoppers can purchase one-of-a-kind Panhemp products that are tailored to their own bodies.

In a release, Unspun’s co-founder, Beth Esponnette said on the collaboration: “We feel it’s extremely fitting that Pangaia means ‘all-inclusive mother earth’ because Unspun’s collaboration with Pangaia brings both inclusivity - through every body custom fit - and sustainability - through zero inventory and new-age materials - to the main stage.”

Denim has only been a recent addition to the Pangaia portfolio. In October, the eco-conscious brand launched the new category, Pangaia Denim, in an expansion outside of its typical loungewear offering. The first drop was produced using Wild Himalayan Nettle and organic cotton, in keeping with the label’s priority towards material innovations.

Products included in the line come complete with a digital passport outlining its production journey and environmental impact, used as a way of establishing transparency and traceability at a product level.

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