Pantone predicts “empowering” colours for NYFW SS19

With New York Fashion Week in full swing, Pantone, the authority on colour, has shared the top 12 shades it predicts designers will be using in their collections for spring/summer 2019, which it adds are “empowering” and full of “confidence and spirit”.

In the biannual report, Pantone states that the colour choices are uplifting and that the joyful hues lend themselves to “playful expressionism” with the aim of taking consumers down a “path of creative and unexpected combinations”.

The top 12 colours it adds are “vibrant without being overpowering,” with highlighted shades illustrating a desire for authenticity and a continued need for creativity and relatable design.

The top five hues are vibrant and attention-grabbing with a festive ‘Fiesta’ orange red that Pantone states “radiates energy, passion and excitement,” while ‘Jester Red’ adds depth and intensity into designer colour choices, and ‘Tumeric’ is an “enlivening orange that infuses a hint of pungency” into the palette.

Pantone predicts “empowering” colours for NYFW SS19

These are followed by ‘Living Coral’ an “affable and animating shade” whose golden undertone gives it a softer edge and a “tantalisingly theatrical” ‘Pink Peacock’ that Pantone adds is a “feast for the eyes”.

Pantone shares top 12 colours for spring/summer 2019

Next up on the colour chart is three “playful” hues - ’Pepper Stem’, a zesty yellow-green, while sunny ‘Aspen Gold’ stimulates feelings of joy, and ‘Princess Blue’ offers a majestic royal blue hue that “glistens and gleams”.

The final four colours are a “deliciously irresistible” ‘Toffee’ hue and a golden yellow ‘Mango Mojito’, while deep green colour ‘Terrarium Moss’ conjures up thoughts of “flourishing foliage and the physical beauty in the natural world” and ‘Sweet Lilac’ “quietly charms” with its endearing pink infused lavender tone.

In addition to the top 12 colours, Pantone has added four classic neutrals for spring/summer 2019 that it says serve as a foundation for distinctive colour contrasts. They are - ‘Soybean’, a subtle, reliable and versatile neutral, ‘Eclipse’ offers a deep blue hue to offer “serious and mysterious”, while ‘Sweet Corn’ is a soft and buttery colour, and ‘Brown Granite’ is “grounded and strong” adding an “understated, authentic and timeless” colour to the design palette.

Images: Pantone website


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