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Pantone unveils New York Fashion Week AW21 colours

By Danielle Wightman-Stone


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Colour authority Pantone is predicting a “versatile range of colour that embraces and accommodates the various possibilities of our bifurcated lifestyle” for autumn/winter 2021 at New York Fashion Week.

The ten colours from the trend forecasting and colour consultancy include shades of blue, yellow, green, pink, brown, and red. Colours which Pantone suggest is a “marriage of enduring and exuberant colour reflecting a communal expression of creativity and reinvention”.

Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, said in a statement: “Offering a range of pragmatic hues infused with vivifying bright pops, colours for autumn/winter 2021/2022 offer a plethora of possibilities that support our lifestyle of continual reinvention and convey a promise of reemergence.”

Pantone adds that the NYFW colour palette for autumn/winter 2021 encourages “personal expression whether sensible or quirky” as well as offers colours that “embrace the calm and healing” and shades that can “express a rainbow of hope and joyfulness”.

Pantone autumn/winter 2021 New York Fashion Week colour palette

Pantone 18-4434 ‘Mykonos Blue’ - a brisk blue evocative of the Aegean Sea.

Pantone 13-0647 ‘Illuminating’ - a friendly and joyful optimistic yellow offering the promise of a sunny day.

Pantone 18-6022 ‘Leprechaun’ - a wondrous green hue emblematic of the mythical imps featured in Irish folklore.

Pantone 18-2330 ‘Fuchsia Fedora’ - a vivid flirtatious, bold pink with allure.

Pantone 13-1716 ‘Pale Rosette’ - an endearing and gentle romantic pink.

Pantone 17-1340 ‘Adobe’ - a warm and supportive sun-dried clay.

Pantone 18-1453 ‘Fire Whirl’ - a vigorous red with a dynamic presence.

Pantone 19-3838 ‘Rhodonite’ - a balancing blue-based purple that aids in achieving one’s highest potential.

Pantone 18-4221 ‘Spring Lake’ - a quiet and restful mid-tone blue.

Pantone 19-1228 ‘Root Beer’ - a herbal brown tone symbolic of the root bark of the sassafras tree.

Pantone autumn/winter 2021 core classic colours

The ten standout colours sit alongside the four core classics: Pantone 11-1007 ‘Coconut Cream’ a thick and rich velvety white; Pantone 17-5104 ‘Ultimate Gray’ a quietly assuring and reliable shade that “encourages composure”; Pantone 13-0919 ‘Soybean’ a mild and companionable blonde beige; and Pantone 18-0527 ‘Olive Branch’ a tasteful green symbolic of growth.

Images: courtesy of Pantone

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