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Paris ' pity party

By FashionUnited


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Reading Jerry Oppenheimer's biopic of the Hilton family is making it onto the list of life's guilty pleasures. Or is it? Who wants to read an entire book about Paris Hilton's family and her own empty, superficial life? How much trash can we stand? Paris 's greatest achievement is getting into the hottest club and single-handedly supporting the fashion industry with her shopping habits. Her worst achievement, but the one that catapulted her to instant fame, was her sex video that outsold 'Gone with the wind", according to Oppenheimer. The public's obsession with fame and celebrity appears to have created a monster: a selfish, self-absorbed creature who knows nor cares nothing about what is happening in the world around her. In a now infamous interview in the UK , the heiress responded dumbfounded when asked what she thought of Tony Blair. She had no idea who he is. And unlike her partner-in-crime, Nicole Richie, Paris is not a fashion trend setter. Her fashion sense is prefabricated and designed to reveal and is obviously not based on any sense of self. Meanwhile, Richie's ensembles have inspired legions of teens and tweens to emulate her skinny jeans, skull scarves tied as bandeaus and numerous gold accessories.

According to Oppenheimer, we should be feeling sorry for Paris, who was reportedly pushed into this position by her social-climbing mother and maternal grandmother. If he is to be believed, the outing of her sex tape was secretly applauded by her parents as a way to achieve fame. With parents like that, who needs enemies?

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