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Parley partners with Byborre to launch conscious textile production

By Danielle Wightman-Stone


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Parley for the Oceans is partnering with Dutch textile innovation studio Byborre to launch a range of innovative textiles and wearable products set to be released to retailers and consumers in autumn 2021.

The two organisations explain that they have “pushed the boundaries of material innovation to create textiles” by combining Parley’s Ocean Plastic yarns made from up-cycled marine debris with Byborre’s bespoke textile production to create an eco-friendly fabric “for the next generation”.

The collection, conceived in a time of the working-from-home standard, is rooted in the team’s re-appreciation of the outdoors and its liberating qualities against the limiting nature of current social confinements, as well as thinking about the future of people and the planet.

The range of consciously engineered knitwear features uniquely patterned vests, sweaters, and bucket hats and will be part of Byborre’s Edition9 collection.

All the products have been made using yarn made with Parley Ocean Plastic in its purest form, undyed and derived directly from the feedstock material itself — upcycled plastic waste intercepted from beaches and coastlines.

Cyrill Gutsch, chief executive and founder of Parley for the Oceans, said in a statement: “Working with Byborre is like being invited to the engine room of the textile industry. Together, we are not only developing fabric patterns, we are programming the future of fabric making. Therefore, this partnership is a true time machine. We are boosting a future of creativity, collaboration and eco-innovation.”

Byborre founder and creative director, Borre Akkersdijk, added: “The partnership with Parley makes this our purest Edition to date. By combining Parley’s innovative Ocean Plastic yarns made from up-cycled marine debris with our on-demand bespoke textile creation platform, we can produce textiles and products on scale which demonstrate a near-circular, production and consumption cycle.

“The next step is to provide this option to other creators and brands so that they are enabled to create their own bespoke textile using these yarns, whilst gaining full insight and transparency on the production processes and ingredients used.”

Environmental non-profit organisation Parley for the Oceans introduced Ocean Plastic, a catalyst material made from intercepted marine plastic waste to replace virgin plastic while raising awareness and funds. The organisation has previously partnered with companies spanning fashion, science, art, design, entertainment, sports, space and ocean exploration including Adidas, the United Nations, and the British Fashion Council.

Images: courtesy of Parley for the Oceans/Byborre

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