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PatPat launches light-up kids clothing line

By Cenia Zitter


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Image: Go-Glow by PatPat. Credit: PatPat

The children’s ecom brand PatPat launched an innovative collection called Go-Glow by PatPat, using a fabric-illuminating technology called Glotech that lets the clothes light up.

The illuminating feature can be activated with the “pat of a button” and set to 13 different colours and light effects.

It is powered by a removable lithium battery pack that “safely keeps electrical power contained by illuminating light at the source”, as explained in the official release. The light is then reflected through the garment’s Glotech fibres in the garments.

The Glotech technology blends specially-developed, luminous materials with conventional yarns. This way the garments can glow while still being comfortable and safe for children.

The proprietary technology was developed by co-founders - and fathers - CEO Albert Wang and COO Ken Gao, and intends to empower children to express themselves through the clothes they wear in a playful manner.

They explained: “As former engineers, Go-Glow has been a labor of love for Ken and I, bridging our backgrounds in technology with the joy we find in creating for our own children, and seeing their eyes light up.”

To ensure maximum safety, the garments have been certified by several different parties. The final designs have been guaranteed safe, child-friendly, non-toxic and harmless by SGS.

The collection will consist of 23 different styles, including jackets, skirts, dresses, shirts and accessories, and is designed for children between three and eight. The first collection is now available online, with more to follow in the upcoming months.

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