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Paul Smith bans exotic skins from future collections

By Huw Hughes


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British fashion label Paul Smith has banned exotic skins in all its future collections.

The brand told animal rights organisation Peta that the ban includes ‘K-leather’ - leather made from kangaroo skin.

Peta - which has published several exposés on the exotic skins industry in recent years, including ones on the treatment of goats, alligators, ostriches and snakes - welcomed Paul Smith’s ban.

Yvonne Taylor, director of corporate projects at Peta, said in a statement: “Behind every accessory made with kangaroo, python, or alligator skin is an animal who did not want to die. Paul Smith's decision to ban exotic skins will spare remarkable animals immense suffering, and Peta calls on other luxury brands to follow its kind example.”

The sustainability page on the Paul Smith website reads: “We do not use exotic skins, fur or Angora rabbit hair. We also do not use species listed in the CITES Appendices - a list of internationally protected animals. For buttons and trims, any troca (snail shell) or mother of pearl is handpicked or sustainably farmed, and the horn we use for buttons is a by-product of the meat industry.”

The British label, which counts 90 stores and 21 concessions across the world, joins a growing list of fashion brands to ban the use of exotic skins in its collections, including Chanel, Victoria Beckham, and luxury department store Selfridges.

Photo credit: Paul Smith, Facebook

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