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People Tree raises over 56,000 pounds via crowdfunding to expand Tencel range

By Vivian Hendriksz


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People Tree has successfully managed to raise over 56,000 pounds through its first crowdfunding campaign to expand its first Tencel range.

The sustainable fashion label first launched its crowdfunding campaign in October, hoping to raise 50,000 pounds to expand its Tencel range and offer training as well as technical assistance to the products manufacturers. After reaching their goal with six days to go under the end of the campaign, People Tree managed to raise an additional 6,000 pounds for the stretch goal and were able to raise 56,000 pounds thanks to 900 backers.

People Tree Tencel garments are made by Creative Handicrafts, a Fair Trade producer partner, based in Mumbai India, which works to empower disadvantaged women in slum communities by offering economic independence.

“People Tree’s producer partners are crucial to everything we do and we aim to use fashion as a tool for empowerment. For Creative Handicrafts, working with Tencel and further training will provide more business opportunities,” commented Jenny Hulme, Head of Buying and Design at People Tree.

“By upskilling the artisans and tailors, they will be able to offer a greater range of fabrics to clients, secure higher orders and create more job opportunities. We are extremely excited about the immense success of the crowdfunding campaign that will allow People Tree to keep creating a greater social impact.”

Photo: People Tree

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