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Perfect Dress Company using real women rather than AR

By Danielle Wightman-Stone



Online fashion brand the Perfect Dress Company is using models of every size to showcase its dresses in what it calls a more “real” approach than using AR technology being highlighted by major retailers.

Instead of AR technology, the Perfect Dress Company is using photos of real women to showcase all of its sizes, from size 8 to 22. All shoppers need to do is select their size on the chosen product and the website will automatically change accordingly to show models in their dress size, which the brand states is a UK first.

Sunny Bird, founder of Perfect Dress Company said in a statement: “You can’t just stretch a size 8 dress and use AR technology to put it on a size 22 model and expect it to fit or it to look the same. This is what’s wrong with the fashion industry and gives people a false representation of how they will look in the dress, which leaves them feeling disappointed when they purchase the item.

“But not only that and more importantly our research revealed it can make women feel disappointed, sad and depressed as they feel it is their bodies fault that the dress or item of clothing doesn’t fit or flatter them.”

Perfect Dress Company opposes Asos's new AR 'See My Fit' model feature

This approach the brand states is more representative of the “everyday woman” and is the result of extensive research that revealed that today’s ‘real women’ don’t feel represented through general fashion advertising or press, with the online retailer added that the launch of AR-style content by brands like Asos doesn’t act as a solution to this problem.

Bird added: “Sadly, I really think that this initiative be Asos could contribute to mental health issues. The launch of AR advertising still does not consider or represent real and diverse body shapes inclusive of curves, lumps and bumps and this will create further problems with how women perceive themselves and is not a solution.”

The Perfect Dress Company fashion brand was developed following research into the processes that clients go through from concept to customer purchase, working with consumers to build and shape the brand, rather than developing the product first and then engaging with consumers.

It is through this research that the online retailer states it discovered that women of all shapes, sizes and ages didn’t feel represented within the current fashion industry, which Bird said had an “instrumental impact” on the website design to allow consumers to see the dresses modelled on a woman of their size so they can really see how it will fit on them.

“Throughout the dress company’s development, I actively sought to use a model from every size bracket, tailoring designs and being the first to include dual sizing to ensure every body shape feels represented within our brand,” explains Bird. “This has given us an opportunity to not only address a real problem within the fashion world today but create our own space. As our dresses are designed on real women, we can also see best how to flatter every single dress size. Our dress styles are tailored for every individual size.”

The Perfect Dress Company currently offers three dress styles that are designed to slim and flatter any figure, by including details such as double-layering over tummy areas, fabric draping, ruched panelling, and subtle pleats.

Image: courtesy of Perfect Dress Company

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