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Petit Pli expands face mask production following Sustainable Innovation Fund grant

By Danielle Wightman-Stone


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Image: Petit Pli ‘Msk’

Petit Pli, the award-winning material technology company renowned for its children’s “clothes that grow” has expanded the production of its one-size-fits-all antiviral face mask ‘Msk’ with support from Innovate UK.

The London-based business has expanded its manufacturing to produce over 10,000 masks from recycled plastic bottles for its patented antiviral material to meet the growing demand for highly protective, environmentally-friendly, ergonomic face masks.

The ‘Msk’ was developed and launched during the pandemic in 2020 and became the brand's first item for adults, utilising the same patented structure Petit Pli uses to make clothes that can expand as children grow. The antiviral reusable face mask was awarded Time Magazine’s Best Invention of 2020 and has been being distributed in more than 27 countries.

Petit Pli was awarded 84,065 pounds from Innovate UK’s Sustainable Innovation Fund and has used the grant to improve the design, antiviral functionality and circularity of the ‘Msk’ product and boost production worldwide.

Image: Petit Pli ‘Msk’

Arabella Turek, chief operating officer at Petit Pli, said in a statement: “The fashion industry has for too long been synonymous with unethical and wasteful practices. At Petit Pli, we have been on a mission to rethink the current state of play, by adopting a sustainable, circular approach to the design and technology of our products.

“Thanks to the support we received from the Sustainable Innovation Fund, we have been able to swiftly develop our antiviral masks to meet the overwhelming demand during the pandemic, and the ultimate desire to keep each other safe during an unprecedented period. We are looking forward to expanding further in 2022 and beyond, providing innovative solutions to reimagine the fashion and textiles industry.”

Jonny Voon, head of the Sustainable Innovation Fund at Innovate UK, added: “It is great to see businesses that are becoming increasingly aware of their societal and environmental impact and willing to take steps to challenge the status quo, for the sake of our environment. Petit Pli has gone from strength to strength since its inception, and we are proud to be a part of their journey.”

Innovate UK’s Sustainable Innovation Fund is a 250 million pound public investment programme that provides financial backing and support for innovation projects to help the UK’s economy and society recover from the pandemic greener, fairer and more resilient.

Image: Petit Pli ‘Msk’
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