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Pirarucu Leather awarded GCC Brandmark

By Danielle Wightman-Stone


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Pirarucu, an alternative leather made from Pirarucu fish skin, has been recognised by Livia Firth’s Eco-Age and awarded a GCC Brandmark, a guarantor of sustainable excellence.

Historically discarded as a waste product of fishing, Pirarucu leather is produced in Brazil and has become the go-to luxurious alternative to bovine leather, which has been championed and supported by Brazilian brand, Osklen, who use it to create innovative and luxurious accessories, currently accounting for 48 percent of its leather accessories.

Since the implementation of a sustainable management plan for Pirarucu twenty years ago, the Pirarucu stock has increased 427 percent, which has helped to stabilise a traditional food source and the local economy of the region. In addition, when compared to cattle farming, Pirarucu has lower CO2 emissions and avoids deforestation of the Amazon, and it has been found that farmers have achieved 40 percent higher productivity than raising cattle in the same plot of land.

GCC validation is grounded in and guided by the Eco-Age principles, accountability, social justice, environmental stewardship and animal welfare, and being awarded the prestigious brandmark shows a brands commitment to its social, ethical and environmental behaviour.

Other brands who have been awarded Eco-age brandmarks include the Narciso Rodríguez (Heart) Bottletop Collection, Pala Eyewear, Gucci, Chopard, and Ministry of Tomorrow.

Image: courtesy of Eco-Age - Livia Firth and Oskar Metsavaht, and guests celebrate Eco-Age awarding the GCC Brandmark to Pirarucu fish leather

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