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Prada debuts sustainable fabric

By Kristopher Fraser

5 Oct 2020


Prada is continuing its commitment to sustainability by debuting a new custom-made, eco-friendly fabric for their Linea Rossa line. The new Extreme-Tex textile is a performance fabric that Prada has spent three years developing. It is made from recycled polyester without the use of perfluorocarbons, or PFCS, and other toxic chemicals often used in the waterproofing process.

The new fabric will appear in outerwear and T-shirts for both men and women. The outer shell of the new fabric will be combined with graphene-based polyurethane membrane for thermoregulation and anti-bacterial features. The fabric comes in two weights.

Prada’s Linea Rossa is considered their sportswear line and has become the forefront of Prada’s commitment to sustainability. In 2019, Prada became the first luxury goods company to sign a sustainability-linked loan with Crédit Agricole Group to commit to reducing global warming and protecting the oceans. Prada, which became famous for their Nylon bags, also introduced Re-Nylon bags in 2019, which employ Econyl-recycled nylon yarn.

photo: via prada.com