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Prada launches first campaign for Galleria handbag

By Kristopher Fraser

10 May 2021

Prada is poised to make the Galleria bag one of 2021’s It bags of the year. The brand has launched a campaign dedicated solely to the bag, which was first conceived in 2007, but is now getting some tender love, care, and star attention.

Lorenzo Bertelli, Prada Group’s head of marketing and corporate social responsibility, told WWD that one of the goals of the campaign is to bring renewed attention to a key product that is probably less recognizable to a new generation of consumers.

“In time, you may end up taking things for granted, but it’s important to talk about ourselves and our products to the new generations, following up with them,” Bertelli said to WWD. “Familiarity may lead to complacency. Cyclically, you have to tell your story and represent the values of the brand within the company and outside to the customers.”

While this is the first time the Galleria bag has received a dedicated campaign, it has been one of Prada’s best sellers for years. Leather goods also continues to be the bread and butter for Prada, accounting for 56 percent of the brand’s sales. Prada also quickly rebounded from the global COVID-19 pandemic, with group revenues still totally 2.42 billion euros in the 12 months ended December 31.

The campaign stars actress Hunter Schafer and was directed by Canadian film director and screenwriter Xavier Dolan. The Galleria bag is a true testament to Prada’s craftsmanship, being composed of 83 pieces, making it a technical masterpiece. Over the years, the bag has been offered in a variety of leathers, colors, and with various accents.