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Prada partners with UNESCO for ocean sustainability

By Robyn Turk


Prada and Unesco have teamed up for an international campaign that raises awareness towards the ocean and its resources. Aimed at students and young consumers, the campaign intended to promote an attitude of sustainable consumption through educating the new generation about adopting a responsible and mindful behavior, as described in a press release.

High school teachers in Berlin, Mexico City, Johannesburg, Lisbon, London, Milan, New York, Paris, Shanghai and Venice will participate in webinars to develop an educational module of four lessons dedicated to sustainability. Participants will explore our the importance of the ocean, problems of marine pollution and the fashion sector's commitment to sustainable production.

The final lesson will get students involved in creating campaigns to raise awareness of ocean conservation. An international jury of members representing Prada, Unesco and others will choose a winning campaign in May.

The project comes shortly after Prada launched its Re-Nylon capsule collection of reissued nylon bags. A portion of the proceeds from the collection's sales will be donated to Unesco's IOC to finance the campaign.

“For the Prada Group, the promotion of culture and education is an integral part of the sustainability strategy," Lorenzo Bertelli, head of marketing for the Prada Group, said in a statement. "The collaboration with Unesco embraces this path and translates it into a direct channel of communication with students around the world. We are proud to see the creation of an ocean awareness project from what was initially a product innovation and sustainable materials initiative."