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Prada supports fashion start-ups through Startupbootcamp

By Robyn Turk

4 Jun 2019


Prada has signed off on a three-year collaboration with Startupbootcamp to promote startup fashion companies. The Prada Group will participate in an initiative called FashionTech, to help the selection and growth of 30 startups, according to Spanish publication Modaes.

Run by Startupbootcamp, the FashionTech program will spend three years helping the 30 selected startups to accelerate. Participating startups will offer innovative technological solutions for meet current and future market challenges from marketing to retail. Startupbootcamp expects over 500 FashionTech candidates annually.

Since its founding in 2010, Startupbootcamp has become one of the largest accelerator networks for startup companies within the fields of financial services, food, energy, health, media, commerce.

According to Money.it, the Prada Group's head of marketing and communication, Lorenzo Bertelli, said in a statement, "Creativity and innovation have always inspired the choices of the Prada Group in every area and today more than ever they have become an essential element of competitiveness in this sector.

"Innovating means thinking outside the box: thanks to this program, Prada will have the opportunity to immerse itself in a stimulating creative process from which to draw new ideas and develop new connections."

Photo: Startupbootcamp