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Prepare for Zlatan Ibrahimovic sportswear launch A-Z

By Vivian Hendriksz


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London - Swedish football player Zlatan Ibrahimovic has launched his debut sportswear brand A-Z. The label was officially unveiled and launched on Tuesday to much fanfare in Paris, France during a event which saw over 300 guests attend.

Created through a joint venture with Norwegian retail firm Varner Group, the sportswear brand’s debut collection is now available for sale online via a dedicated website, which ships to 11 European countries including the UK, the Netherlands and France with the aim of expanding into new markets in the future. The collection offers bottoms, tops, underwear and outerwear for a number of physical activities. “A-Z is made for training - all kinds of training. For everyone, no matter the sport,” declared Ibrahimovic on A-Z website.

“Because you don’t need a lot of different tights to go out running or practice yoga. All you need is one T-shirt. One pair of shorts. One pair of shoes. You don’t need a hi-tech t-shirt to get picked for the national team. Either you make it happen. Or you don’t.” Unlike other sportswear brands from the likes of his contemporaries, A-Z aims to offer affordable sportswear for men and children. Prices for the collection range from 9.95 euros for socks, to 89.95 for a zippered jacket.

At the moment the company is currently working to develop a women’s wear range to add to the brand at later date, as Ibrahimovic aims to ensure sports and sportswear remains accessible and available to everyone. ”We will take over. Trust me. We won’t give up until we take over,” added Ibrahimovic on A-Z.

Photos: Courtesy of A-Z

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