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Pretty Pooches

By FashionUnited


Who says your pet can't be fashionable? The Americans have been known to indulge their pooches and to play dress-up with them. To the point where a pug might be mistaken for a four-year-old Southern beauty queen. And now the Brits are starting to follow suit.

Yesterday Harrods hosted a fashion show for dogs. No expenses were spared for the super-model pooches, who paraded down a real catwalk in designer dog wear. Tickets to the show were £25 a head, and were sold out in advance.

This is the second show of its kind hosted by Harrods together with the UK charity The Dogs Trust. This show marked the launch of Harrods' dog-a-logue, a new catalogue which enables pet owners to order dog accessories from the comfort of their own homes. British labels available for purchase for your dog include Burberry, Aquascutum, Hunter and Fox and Hound. The brands appear to have expanded their range to suit the more discerning dog of today. The UK website, Pucci Petwear (no relation to the Italian brand), is providing pet lovers with a wide range of diamante dog collars, hair clips and backpacks. What dog would not want to go through life wrapped in cashmere and diamonds?