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Primark launches circular denim collection for Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s redesign project

By Rachel Douglass


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Image: Primark

Fast fashion retailer Primark has released a new denim collection in line with The Jeans Redesign project, a project developed by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s Make Fashion Circular initiative.

Denim produced as part of the scheme aligns with the organisation’s vision of a circular fashion economy, complete with guidelines that look to ensure jeans are used more and are made from safe and recycled inputs.

Primark’s new denim line features jeans produced from 70 percent organic cotton, 29 percent recycled fibres and one percent elastine and jackets from 80 percent organic cotton and 20 percent recycled cotton. The range includes men’s straight fit jeans, women’s indigo straight fit jeans, an adults denim jacket and kids taper leg denim jeans.

Designed to be easily recycled, products come metal rivet-free, with informative labels featuring guidelines on removing buttons and zips before sending out to recycle, to ensure a smooth and efficient process.

Image: Primark

The Jeans Redesign project, currently in its second year of operation, was created as a platform to set guidelines for company’s to follow, in regards to the creation of denim jeans within a circular economy.

The organisation has previously worked with the likes of Asos, Chloé, Ganni, Monki and H&M, reaching out to both high street retailers and luxury brands on meeting the minimum requirements for recyclable and traceable denim production.

“The Jeans Redesign demonstrates that it is possible to create garments fit for a circular economy today, and this is just the beginning,” said Make Fashion Circular’s lead, Laura Balmond, in a release. “By taking these first steps, organisations like Primark build the confidence to explore and learn how to put product on the market aligned with circular economy principles.”

She continued: “We’re pleased to see the solutions identified by Primark and the growing understanding of the challenges that must be addressed to achieve the vision of a circular economy for fashion.”

The collection closely follows the retailer’s sustainability strategy, launched in September, outlining plans to halve its carbon emissions across its value chain and improve the lives of its garment workers. Nine commitments were stated in the report, including the implementation of recycled and sustainably sourced materials in all of its clothing by 2030.

Now available, the circular denim collection will be present in 161 stores across all 14 countries Primark operates in, with prices ranging from 12 to 21 pounds.

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