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Princess Polly partners with True Fit for size and fit recommendations

By Danielle Wightman-Stone


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Princess Polly Credits: Princess Polly

Australian-born fashion brand Princess Polly is teaming up with AI platform True Fit, which decodes size and fit for consumers and fashion retailers, to offer AI-powered size and fit recommendations to shoppers across its collections.

Princess Polly offers on-trend fashion for shoppers in the UK, the US, and its home country of Australia, and its partnership with True Fit, it is hoping that adding AI-powered size and fit recommendations into the shopper journey will increase conversions, drive down returns and build loyalty.

Melanie Huang, UX e-commerce manager at Princess Polly, said in a statement: “We’re committed to meeting customers where they are – and that is evidenced in how we listen and respond to customer feedback, acting on the insights and data we have to continuously improve shoppers’ experiences.

“By actively seeking solutions to the size-related pain points voiced by our customers, we can further enhance brand trust and loyalty in a customer-centric way. In working with True Fit, we’re excited to leverage their data to learn more about our shoppers’ fit preferences, allowing us to drive a virtuous circle of value for our customers.”

Jessica Arredondo Murphy, co-founder and COO at True Fit, added “Princess Polly has long been a champion of inclusivity and bringing on-trend style in a sustainable way to all body types and sizes.

“Adding AI fit guidance across their sizing ranges is just another way it is making its collections accessible to all of its customers, helping them get the perfect fit for their unique and personal style every time.”

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