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Prophetik launches eco-intimates label

By Danielle Wightman-Stone


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Sustainable fashion house Prophetik by Jeff Garner has launched an eco-intimates label called Wolf + Rose, which offers a “green range” of intimates for men and women.

Garner, alongside his creative team, Olivia Corwin the chief sustainability officer and Matt Shubin, ambassador of ethos, have designed and developed Wolf + Rose, with all the products made from plant-based fibres and dyes.

By using plant-based practices it ensures that everything is free from toxins, carcinogens and other harmful chemicals, explains the brand, as they believe that most important non-toxic garment should be your underwear, “as it has the closest, most intimate connection to your body”.

“What we put on our bodies is going to be received by our bodies which has health implications,” added Garner in a statement. “The heavy dyes, the synthetic dyes, it all adds up, and I didn’t want anyone to be affected the way I was when I lost my mum. We shouldn’t be putting anything which isn’t natural on our body which is why we are doing this.”

To launch the new label, Garner has set up a Kickstarter campaign to raise 15,000 US dollars, which will go towards the first stage of their latest line of intimates, as well as educate on the fatal cost of toxins in underwear and the importance of using natural fabrics, especially on intimate areas.

While many underwear brands utilise toxic fibres and dyes, which contain harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde, TDI, and dioxin, Wolf + Rose ensures that each garment is constructed solely from GOTS certified organic cotton, hemp, plant-based dyes, and organic cotton natural rubber for their boxers.

This construction the brand states allows for superior breathability and natural fabric properties while diminishing the risk of the absorption of dangerous chemicals through the skin.

“Our mission at Wolf + Rose is to inspire people to live their most authentic human experience by equipping them with lasting garments that protect their health and the environment,” added Corwin, who has travelled around the world to find the softest and most breathable hemp fabric on the planet to use in its products.

Images: courtesy of Wolf + Rose

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