Max Osborne, the co-founder and designer of New York-based luxury streetwear label Public School, has partnered with multifranchise esports organization Andbox to design a clothing collection for professional gamers.

The collaboration aims to bring together esport gaming and streetwear through a fully-functional line of apparel with utilitarian and colorful designs. Osborne will also serve as creative director for Andbox's consumer products.

Osborne has created a unisex capsule collection of items made from materials like poly-viscose, cotton and nylon that allow easy movement to wearers. The items include jackets, pants, T-shirts, sweatshirts, jerseys and accessories.

Clothing items range in price from 35 dollars for a short sleeve T-shirt to 120 dollars for a windbreaker jacket. Accessories, which include hats, socks, pins, stickers and a tote, are priced between 10 and 35 dollars.

The collection is available for purchase on Andbox's website and the company will host a pop-up shop in New York City from July 26 through July 28.


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