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Puffywear for girls

By FashionUnited


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Watch out, Sean John boys. The girls are on the make. Sean 'P.Diddy' Combs is finally launching his womenswear line. After having cancelled the launch three times as his menswear collection Sean John became increasingly successful, the CFDA award winner is now finally ready to dress women.

"I want women to come into my world," he told WWD. "This is the woman the Sean John man wants. Our foundation is sexy, but it's not so sexy that you don't feel comfortable wearing it." In other words, over the top bling and cut-outs are out of the question.

"We want to bring a bit of edge, but we're not afraid to be sophisticated," Combs continues. "Sean is for the girl who, when she leaves the house in the morning for work, may have a date after and the night might continue on so that she's having drinks at a lounge. We have pieces that look beautiful in the morning, but as the sun goes down, the clothes start to get sexier."

The new 150-piece range has been nicknamed "the appetizer" by the design team, as it is just a selection for the holiday season, with much more to come afterwards. The womenswear collection is called Sean, which gives insight into how close Combs feels to his female customers. "Only the people that are very close to me call me Sean. Sean is different from Sean John and men are very different from women. When I design for men, I design under the personality Sean John. When I'm doing this line, it's another part of my personality. It's been very intimate and romantic in a way because I just want to please women. The reason I kept cancelling this (collection) was because I didn't want to come out and let women down. I feel very proud of this line."

After the phenomenal success of his menswear collections, we can't wait to see just how close Sean feels to his women. And if his exes are anything to go by, we know we're in for a lot of sexy, sassy and stylish wear.