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Puma and Nickelodeon celebrate Rugrats 30th anniversary

By Kristopher Fraser

24 May 2021


Image: Berk Communications

Nickelodeon and PUMA have partnered to create the debut Puma x Rugrats collection, launching on June 4. The sneakers celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the original Rugrats series premiere. Puma x Rugrats is a seven-piece collection featuring styles for both adults and children.

The collection will include a short sleeve T-shirt with the popular animated babies playing on the Puma logo, a long sleeve shirt in Susie Carmichael’s purple and gold pattern from her dress, a hooded sweatshirt featuring Reptar and the Pickles’ family dog, Spike, on the front with the Rugrats logo emblazoned on the back, and a pair of warmup shorts in the iconic green pattern just like Chuckie Finster’s. All of the apparel styles will only be available in adult sizing.   To finish off the PUMA x Rugrats retro look, the collection includes three footwear styles that pay homage to the original Rugrats cartoon with vibrant bright colors reminiscent of the ‘90s and design elements that incorporate popular characters including the babies’ favorite fictional character, Reptar. Available in kids sizing only, the ‘90s cartoon meets the Puma Rider franchise with the Future Rider x Rugrats and the Puma classic Suedes x Rugrats. The Puma Court Rider x Rugrats is available in adult sizing only. Price points for the collection range from 40 dollars to 100 dollars and will be available on Puma.com, at Puma retail locations globally, as well as at Foot Locker and on FootLocker.com.