Puma Europe has just selected a new customer engagement platform and digital marketing services in order to help enhance the marketing executions across all channels.

Puma has chosen Mapp Digital in order to help its engagement with customers on a personal level. The brand will use the company's Customer Engagement Platform to streamline insights and help drive sales based on customer data and behavior. "Our partnership brings the tools to our fingertips, and our customers will benefit by receiving reactive, relevant, and evolving content in optimal mediums," said Nicholas Rau, senior online marketing manager for Puma Europe. We want to ensure each touchpoint is maximized for impact, allowing our distinct and innovative marketing to speak to our audience in a personal, engaging way."

The Customer Centric Services approach will help enable marketers to bridge the digital gap and help optimize messaging through email, mobile push, and web marketing. Mapp is planning to help Puma break barriers with a new digital marketing standard. "We will help Puma stand out from the crowd and reach their potential by enabling them to make meaningful human connections and lasting engagements with their customer," said Mim Biwer, Mapp Digital's chief executive officer.

The partnership was announced recently and takes effect immediately. In joining Mapp, Puma joins the portfolio of Pepsi, Deutsche Bank, Deutsche Telekom, and Lloyds Banking Group. With the new program, Puma moves forward toward increasing sales and the overall customers experience.