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Puma launches biodegradable lifestyle and performance collection

By Anna Zwettler

18 Jun 2020


Puma has announced the launch of its new biodegradable lifestyle and performance collection as part of its latest biodesign project.

The “Design to Fade” collection, which was released in collaboration with Dutch project Living Colour and Swedish design studio Streamateria, explores sustainable alternatives for making and dyeing textiles. While some items are dyed using bacteria, others are made with closed loop, degradable materials that can be manufactured locally.

“Our times require us to rethink not only what to create but also how we create,” explained Romain Girard, senior head of innovation at Puma, in a statement on Tuesday. “With Design to Fade, we are working on a future, which focuses on sustainable production methods and recyclable materials.”

This latest biodesign project marks Puma’s third since 2016. Though none of these initiatives have reached a commercial stage, they are “an important step towards making Puma more sustainable in the future,” said the company.

The Living Colour design project dyes textiles by feeding bacteria with a nutrient to produce a pigment usable on most fibers. Meanwhile, Streamateria manufactures closed loop fabrics, which can become a source of raw material post-wear. These materials are made from a printed mesh-structure and coated with a bioplastic.

Photo Credit: Puma

Living Colour