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'Rana Plaza' film premieres after pushing through Bangladeshi legal barriers

By Vivian Hendriksz


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The Supreme court has lifted the ban placed on the screening 'Rana Plaza' less than two weeks after the Bangladesh High Court cancelled the film's premiere and theater showing.

The High Court first placed a ban on the premiere of 'Rana Plaza,' a film based on the disastrous collapse of the garment factory in April 2013, starting from August 24 after a petition filed by trade union leader Sirajul Islam Rony raised concerns that certain scenes in the film could negatively affect the garment and textile industry and its workers on a long-term basis.

However, the four-member Supreme Court has rejected the notion and put a stay in the High Court's order. The film's director, Nazrul Islam Khan, argued in front of the jury that the film's story was build around the heroism of Reshma, one of the garment workers who worked in Rana Plaza and was rescued after 17 days after the collapse. Shamima Akhter, the film's producer added that 'Rana Plaza' had already been censored and re-cut following the court ruling.

Reshma rescue from the factory collapse has been under heavy scrutiny since news of the film was first release as rumours in Dhaka, Bangladesh suggest that her story had been fabricated to make rescuers look good.

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